Thursday, February 11, 2010

Planning ahead

DISCLAIMER: Excuse me if this blog post is all over the place. So much stuff in my mind and it's hard to separate it all.

Well I just recently got back from Fort Benning Georgia seeing my husband gradutate from re-classing into infantry. The ceremony was great. A few weeks before graduation, my husband got orders to Fort Lewis, WA. I fly out Saturday morning at 07:00 to go out there and set up housing and whatever else I need to do. This will be my second plane trip. I must say I'm excited yet nervous. This is my very first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move and I want to make sure I do everything like it's supposed to be done.

I had to go the endo on Monday. He had to up my basal rates during the day and at night. I was still a little bit higher than I wanted to be. I had to go back into the office today to get a letter for when I get to the airport so I don't have any issues when it comes to my pump and supplies. I also had to get a bottle of Apidra to hold me over til I can call and get the updated prescription filled. I should be able to do that Monday and have it shipped while I'm in WA.

Tomorrow I am going to get my nails all prettified and designed for Valentine's Day. The hotel has been book, flight booked, and the car has been rented. Now comes the lovely wait....