Friday, October 8, 2010


I cook and clean 7 days a week. I have our daughter everyday while he's at work. Even when his Is it too much to ask that I can get a small break?? J has a 4 day weekend. His idea of cleaning is loading/unloading the dishwasher. Which in itself is nothing. He walked into the kitchen to ask me what I'm doing. I responded, "Cleaning." He said, "Okay." and went back to playing his game. Really??? Don't ask me what I'm doing, then go back to doing what makes YOU happy. I just love cleaning everydamnedday *sarcasm*

I had to text my friend Rain this morning cause I was so frustrated. I'm so glad she understood where I was coming from with this. I'd just KILL to have two hours alone. To myself. 

I tried to watch Grey's Anatomy last night alone, in peace. 15 minutes into it. I'm getting asked a silly question: "What you watching?" *epic eye roll* Get away from me dude.

The text Rain today had my dying. Goodness! 

"Can deploy and fight in a war but can't clean a kitchen or make a bed."

I told her I asked J to make our bed up. He had no idea where our sheets were. We've lived here 6 months! Goodness gracious. I just can't win sometimes.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some people

This is going to be a random post.

I'm a member of a few Military Support boards. One in particular is what I'm going to talk about.

They had a thread on tipping. Then a spin-off thread of tipping the commissary baggers. The commissary baggers work for TIPS ONLY.

There were a few wives who were so deadset against tipping. This quote blew my mind:

"I refuse to tip them and let them live off my husband's hard earned and TAXED money, while they remain undocumented and don't have to report what they earn. It just bothers me.."


I swear the stupidity of some people blow my mind. I'm not against tipping ANYONE who provides a service for me. A tip is also EARNED. The better the service from you, the better the tip from me.

I also make sure to tip the baggers. Especially if i have my daughter with me. I'm focusing on getting her into the car. They can do my bags and I will accommodate accordingly. 

End of my rant for today. And no I'm not talking about anybody in particular. And if you're thinking I'm talking about you (general), get off your fucking high horse and duck a sick (Thanks for that, Tia!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It's been 5 years since I decided I wanted to become a nurse. Yet, 4 years later, I haven't made any progress towards that goal. I can't go back to school because we can't afford it. Between daycare and the tuition, we'd be under water before the sun went down for the day.


I was asked by my husband to watch one of his friend's kids so the guy's wife could go to training for her new job.

More resent.

I'm not sure I'm cut out for this SAHM/SAHW stuff. It's like I spend my day yelling and screaming at two kids. My husband said he understands but I honestly don't think he does. No matter how I try and explain it, it never comprehends to him like it does in my head.

*sighs deeply*

I pray things get better cause I'm sick of hating the decisions I've made.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been sitting on this blog for way too long. Letting things brew and fester and go sour. My friend Rain wrote a post and it's basically forcing me to talk about what's been bothering me for so long.

Essentially speaking, I'm bored.

I have no job. I'm taking a coding class yet I haven't actively done anything in over a month. I have nothing to do everyday except cook and clean. I'd literally kill to be working right now. I'd kill quicker to be in school working on a degree I've wanted for the past 5 years. I so envy those moms who can work or go to school with a toddler. I'm so fucking jealous of that. It's pitiful when I'm looking forward to going to a damn doctor's appointment.

I have to wake up at the asscrack of dawn (usually 6am) just to get some quiet time alone to myself. Jeremy leaves at 0530-0545 and McKenzie sleeps til 0800. I hate that I can't enjoy sleeping til 0800 with her. I'm lucky if I can get a 10 minute shower to myself.

My diabetes is suffering like hell cause of this funk I'm in. That's the last thing that should be suffering but oh well *shrugs*

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This came in the mail today. I instantly started smiling.

For those who follow me on Twitter or are fairly close to me know how much this means to me. I've been waiting to see if I could possibly switch from OmniPod to the MiniMed Paradigm Revel since the MM's reservoir is 100u's bigger than the OmniPod's 200u Pod capacity. Fellow Army wife, diabetic,  and friend, Cherise, told me that TriWest would gladly approve it because they dislike the OmniPod system. She was right :) Now the suspenseful wait begins as the when I actually receive my new pump.

Monday, July 19, 2010

He's home!

My husband is home. That's all that matters to me right now. Yes, his deployment was alot shorter than others BUT it was still a deployment.

Some people slay me with the things they say yet none of that makes a difference in my world. All the name brand things won't keep me warm at night. My husband will. My family means more to me than any material thing ever could.

Alot of units here have been getting their dates of return pushed back. I've dealt with that too during this deployment. It's part of the Army's unwritten motto: "Hurry up and wait." It's what we as wives signed up for. No, I'm not saying that complaining isn't allowed or tolerated. But there's only so much that complaining will do.

I'd give up all my purses if that meant he'd never deploy again. Yes, I'm THAT serious.

ETA: And if your every status or FB is complaining about something or another that you can't control, well maybe you need to step back and look in the mirror and see WHY you are complaining.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hard work,

I'm trying out a new Blogger app out on my Hero. Hopefully I like it.

I talked to my husband yesterday. We discussed alot and we seem to have a pretty good plan to deal with our misunderstandings. It's weird how some days I can love him more than my heart can hold. Then other days I can hate him as much as I hate my ex's.

4 years together, 3 years married in September. It takes work. Lots of work to make a marriage work and keep it together. Yet it worth every minute of hard work

Monday, July 5, 2010


It's official. 

I spoke with my husband today on Yahoo messenger. And we have his official date. FINALLY! This date has been changed so many times over the past month it's not even funny. But it wouldn't be the Army if it was set in stone.

I can count on 3 hands how long it will be before my husband will be in my arms.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Not happy

I can't begin to remember when the last time I'm was truly happy.

I take that back. Last time I was truly happy was when my daughter ran into my arms after not seeing me for months.

Before that, I have no earthly idea.

I'm tired of catering to everyone else. Fucking tired. Let my husband tell it, nothing I do is right. I'm constantly fucking up with something.

He's coming home in a few weeks and I can honestly and truly admit that I'm not looking forward to it. Of course, I want him home safe and our daughter wants her daddy.

I've been in Tennessee exactly 10 days. And I want to go home. I'll be here another 5 days to make matters even worse.

Why is that you ask?

I missed my flight. And also because as soon as I set foot in Tennessee, I was waiting on my husband to say something related to my past fuck up which has led us to where we are now.

I started seeing a counselor this month. Only have had one session so far. Honestly, I doubt it's gonna work but whatever. My husband wanted me to do it and I did for him.

I'm slipping back into a depression. And honestly, I don't even care that I am going back down that road again.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

This will be a somewhat short post.


I want to say that I am very thankful an d gracious for all those who serve, have served, and have given their life to serve our country.

My husband is one who is serving. Going from the Tennessee National Guard to the active duty US Army, he has made me very proud.

By serving our country, he has missed alot of our marriage. When I was pregnant with McKenzie, Jeremy was in OSUT at For Leonard Wood, MO. He missed half of that. When I got my induction date, he was at Fort Dix, NJ preparing for his first deployment two months out of training. Luckily he didn't miss her birth. He was in Iraq the first year of our marriage and the first year of her life. I am grateful for him and the sacrifices he's made to provide for us. He is currently on tour number 2 and will be home soon. But never soon enough.

There are those who have been injured or KIA and my prayers are definitely with the families dealing with the loss of their loved ones.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This blog post is one I've been debating for a while on doing. My best friend, Andrea, said I should since I have alot on my mind. I can't thank her enough for talking me through this whole ordeal. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

A week ago, I got a very scary email titled "Almost got me."

 It was from my husband.

The gist of it was the Stryker he was in hit and IED (improvised explosive device). He had a concussion and a few other injuries. I thank God that he wasn't injured any worse than he was. Two others in the vehicle were casualties.

This is his first deployment injury. I knew it would happen at some point. It's part of the job, KWIM? I'm not some naive wife who thinks certain things will NEVER happen to my husband. Things like this remind me exactly what my husband sacrifices for us. A blessing and a curse at the same time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New military endo

Well lets start of with that today was a typical Monday.


I woke up at 07:32. My appointment to see my new endocrinologist for the first time was at 08:00. I had exactly 28 minutes to get dressed, drive to base, and check in at Madigan Army Medical Center(MAMC). Let's just say base traffic between 06:00 and 08:00 is ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous i tell you. I got there at 08:05. Thank God the receptionist is a sweetheart. She rushed the paperwork and vitals for me.

My new endocrinologist is very nice. He knows what he's talking about. I was warned about the military doctors but I was very impressed this time. The overall visit was great. My A1C went from a 9.5 (December) to a 7.1 (March, on pump too) to a fawking 10 (May). A FREAKING 10! I almost cried when I saw that number. Yes, I haven't been the best diabetic there is but damn. I'm trying my hardest. Even more so now.

He looked at my logs and wasn't happy. Hell, neither was I but I digress. He decided to change me from Apidra to Novolog and also gave me Symlin to help my after meal bg's and to help with the grazing I'm trying to cut back on. I also had lots of labwork done again. This time I gave up 5 vials of my pretty red blood. I'm used to it by now. If I'm not, then something is definitely wrong.

I made a FB status about diabetes. I said that I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone but that some people need to live with it for 72 hours before making snide comments about something they know jack shit about. That pisses me off so much. I've had my share of those comments. Diabetes is a hard thing to control. Just like that fucking diarrhea of the mouth that you have.

I went with a friend, Tia, to a deployed spouses dinner. It was very nice and alot of fun. I met a fellow wife who's husband is in the unit that my husband is assigned to. It was good to talk to other people who understood these constant deployments. My husband has had 2 in 4 years. Tia's husband has had 4 in 7 years. The odd thing is my husband has 2 (yes, TWO) combat MOS's on him, yet Tia's husband's MOS isn't even combat or frontline. Odd workings of the Army I tell ya. Just never know which way that deployment flag is gonna swing...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


ETA: Jsut got home from the gym and what do you know, I experienced a dizzy moment on the elliptical. Guess I jinxed myself cause I was low

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


40 Things to Share

You know the drill! 40 ODD things about you!

1. Do you like blue cheese dressing? Not a fan of it. Prefer my ranch

2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? Yeah when I was 17. Only did it to get breaks when I worked at McD's. Didn't know much about the labor law at the time. It didn't stick, thank God

3. Do you own a gun? No, Jeremy wants to get me one though. Not sure how I feel about that just yet.

4. What's your favorite drink at Starbucks or other specialty coffee shops? Venti Mocha Frappucino with no whip and extra chocolate drizzle *drools*

5. What do you think of hot dogs? Nothing like a burnt hot dog with some mustard and relish on it. Yummy

6. Favorite Christmas song? hmm.. maybe rock around the christmas tree

7. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? I always drink water first thing then maybe a cup of coffee.

8. Can you do push ups? a few. trying to get stronger in my upper body

9. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? my wedding set. it's a reminder of all the jackasses I had to date to meet the wonderful man who chose me as his wife

10. Favorite hobbies? playing with my daughter, shopping, bowling, shooting pool, 4wheeling, decorating,

11. Do you have ADD? nope

12. What's one trait that you hate about yourself? probably my indecisiveness

13. Middle name? Marie

14. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? I wish I could hit the lotto. I need to get up and finish the laundry. Can't wait for Sunday to get here.

15. 3 drinks I drink most often? water, water, and tea. Trying my best to stay away from soda water

16. Current worry right now? none. I turned my worries over to God. He will take care of them for me.

17. Current dislikes right now? Money, specifically that I don't have as much as I want.. but then, what average person does?

18. Favorite place to be? with my family and true friends

19. How did you ring in the New Year? nope. slept the night away

20. Like to Travel? love it! can't wait to go back to Florida. We are planning for a Disney trip when Jeremy comes home.

21. Name two people who will complete this survey? I dunno.

22. Do you own slippers? Yes, blue fuzzy memory foam slippers

23. What color shirt are you wearing? white

24. Could you ever make it 39 days on the show Survivor? Negative. I have to talk to my Kenzie-Bug everyday. Have to.

25. What songs do you sing in the shower? whatever is playing on my MacBook at the time.

26. Favorite girl name? MaKayla, McKenna

27. Favorite boy name? MaKell/McKell, thanks to my old supervisor Kinyatta.

28. What's in your pocket right now? no telling. wearing hubby's PT shorts

29. Last thing that made you laugh? the image in my head of Tia dancing to a song by Usher

30. Worst injury you've ever had? abscess under my breast. Not. fun. at. all.

31. Do you love where you live? I like it a lot. Getting used to the rain still.

32. How many TV's do you have in your house? 2, soon to be 3

33. Who is your loudest friend? I wouldn't call her loud...just outspoken. And that would be Andrea

34. Does someone have a crush on you? well, I believe my husband does.. anyone else is just going to have to keep it to themselves... not happening.

35. What is your favorite candy? dark chocolate. I know it isn't REALLY candy, but I don't like candy much.

36. Favorite Sports Team? don't really have one.

37. What were you doing 12 AM last night? inhaling the pillowcase

38. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up today? "why is THAT muscle hurting. Didn't think I used that when I worked out."  LOL

39. What is your favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving

40. What are you plans for tomorrow? Gym, PX, post office, home

Friday, April 16, 2010


DISCLAIMER: There's lots of bad words. I have a potty mouth right now.

This blog post will be all over the place. I just got home from an outing with another Army wife who is stationed here at Lewis. This lady, and I use the term losely, is a piece of fucking work.

To start off, she invited me to a brunch where the hostess doesn't like "certain types of blacks."

That's Strike One.

She also commented and judged me as a mother. Everybody knows my daughter is the love of my life. She's my Princess and I'll be damned if you try and say I'm a bad mommy.  She commented on my daughter still being in TN. I'm sorry but if my MOTHER wants to keep her GRANDDAUGHTER longer than originally planned, I'm not about to say anything. My mom has been there since day 1 and I'll be damned if I snatch her only grandchild away. Fuck you and the damn horse your wanna be sadity ass rode in on.

That's Strike Two.

And today, we went shopping. As usual, I love to shop for my house and for my daughter. And if I see something I like for either, I'm gonna get it. For instance, I found some great framed quotes for my dining room. I also got McKenzie some sandals and a round Dora chair. I don't need any person, other my the man who put the rock on my finger, to count the money I spend. I can control myself. My bills are paid so what the fuck is it to you if I buy what I want?? I'm sorry that our husbands got paid today and your ass is already broke. That's not my fucking problem. Last time I check, our bank accounts were sitting comfortably. Once again, fuck you and that damn horse your ass rode in on.

Strike Three.

A friend of mine told me today that I'm usually so pleasant when I tweet. My tweets today were off my usual character. I try not to let dumb bitches get to me, but this bitch involved my daughter and that's where I draw the line. Talk about me or my husband all day long. But when you involve her, I will blow the fuck up and don't give a damn about it. *breathes deeply*

On another note, usually if you invite someone over your house, you don't leave your sex toys in the guest bathroom. There's nothing better than looking down while washing my hands and being greeted by your blue vibrator.

And another note, there were Obama protestors outside the fair today. I'm all for freedom of speech. You don't have to like our POTUS. I like him and can't help that he has to fix Bush's fuck up. BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF YOUR ASS SHUSHES ME WHILE I'M USING MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH. My own husband doesn't shush me. Never has and I'll be damned if he does.  I can't help it that I'm an outspoken person. I'm also sorry for you. Sorry that your husband won't allow you to speak your mind. *shrugs* Thank God I'm not married to his trifling ass.

Okay time for happy stuffs *chuckles*

I got to talk to both of my babies today. My daughter asked me for a fish tank for her room. And my husband is doing fine. Thank you the prayers and good thoughts.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox for today.

P.S. I hate wives who wear their husband's rank. Even if my husband outranks yours, you will never know it. I'm humble enough to be thankful for the blessings I have instead of trying to showboat when you ain't got a pot to piss in.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My first Vlog

Excuse me if I'm rambling alot in this video. It's my first video blog. And yes, I'm country. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today is officially one week since J left to go fight. I've talked to him on the phone once and we've been emailing and yahoo'ing as well. I got an email from him today letting me know he's alright. Tired but good. Pretty much telling me about what he's doing. He told me to treat myself so I did. Manicure and pedicure and a little shopping at Coach. The mani/pedi was so so. The lady nicked my cuticles too many times. I almost didn't tip her. I ended up tipping her, just not what I usually would for great service. I headed to Coach to get my mommy a purse and wallet for Mother's Day. Yes, I'm early. I ended up getting one for me too. I've had my eye on it for a while and since J said "Treat yourself", I got it. Oh did I mention that he said "lightly" at the end of that sentence? Oooops *chuckles*

I talked to McKenzie today. My mom also sent lots of pictures of her hunting for Easter eggs. On another note, I was invited to an Easter brunch. I chose not to go. The person who invited me told me something that made the decision for me. She said "She(the hostess) doesn't like certain kinds of Black people." Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? Why would I, a proud Black woman, want to go to a girl's (not woman) house when I know she's stupid enough to say such a comment??? I told her no way in hell was I going. Instead I spent the afternoon with a new friend, Tia and her children. I had alot of fun even though we stay in the house and watched TV. She's a cool woman and I'm gonna hate it when they PCS next year. She's not the type to wear her husband's rank. Thank goodness none of my friends do that *wipes forehead*

A lady at the Bath & Body Works Outlet said something to me that made me look at her like a chicken with no head. She asked for my ID and out of habit I gave her my military ID. She told "You're so lucky to be an Army wife. The government takes such good care of you all. Free housing is amazing." Ummm, I didn't realize that the housing was free. Yes, we get an amount for housing. But that doesn't make it free. Also, I didn't set out to become a military wife just to get some freaking money for housing. She obviously don't know much about this lifestyle we live. Uprooted every few years, payroll mistakes, deployments.  If I could have slapped her I would have. But it was Sunday and Easter to boot. That would have just been so wrong.

I have an appointment tomorrow at the Diabetes Clinic on base. I'm not sure what to expect from them but I pray it's something good.

I ask that you keep not only my husband, but all the troops in your prayers.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This week is going to be a long one. I waved my husband away to the sandbox for a second time. The first time wasn't that hard. I had my family and his family to keep me calm. This time I'm almost 3,000 miles away from our families. That's the hard part. My daughter will be out here mid April. My mom will be staying a week or two and then all of them are flying out for the girls spring break. For those that don't know, my grandma, who happens to be 64 years old, adopted 3 girls from a bad home. They are amazing and I couldn't imagine not having them in my family. The good thing are this deployment is that we will pay down a lot of our bills. And it rained. Yes, I'm happy that it rained on his leave day. Why? Because everytime he left for anything Army related, it has rained. That's our sign. If it hadn't have rained, then I'd be a total basketcase.

My best friend's husband is coming home later this week. I'm uberly excited for her. I see the love that they have for each other and I looked at my husband and I. We are truly blessed to have the greatest men in our lives.

My house is officially in order. McKenzie's room is all done and decorated for her arrival. I decided to put Tinkerbell decals as a border around her walls. I think she will love it.

I'm also toying with the option of being a SAHM(stay at home mom). We can afford it. That's not the issue. I need to focus on school 100%. Plus the cost of daycare for my husband's income bracket would cut into the amount I would be possibly be earning. There is a job fair Friday that I'm going to go to and see what's out there. I'm also afraid of putting my daughter into daycare. The first 2 years of her life she has been watched by family while I worked. A friend I met here, Tia, has talked with me about it. She's got a great head on her shoulders.

My diabetes has been crazy out of control. I stopped wearing my pods only cause my husband would knock them off. I'm going to start back on them today. It took me forever to get a decent appointment time to see someone. Endocrinology Clinic at Madigan was saying a month from now. Fuck that. I worked my ass off to get something sooner. Now I have an appoint on April 5th. I need to get this together.

All in all, I'm going to survive this deployment. Come hell or high water, I will survive.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I haven't blogged in a while cause J is gearing up for a deployment. That alone scares me. His job now is alot more dangerous than it was when he deployed in 2007. He likes to keep me informed but sometimes I think he's keeping me TOO informed, ya know? He has nightmares. He had them last time he left and when he was home on R&R. Last night I think he had one. I was holding him, next thing I know I was awaken by the feeling of my pod being ripped off my thigh. I don't ask about the dreams cause I know what they're about. The other morning I woke before him and told him I was going to watch TV in the living room. These were his words: "Don't leave. They will get me."

We have been arguing over petty stuff. I hate he's leaving but I have to remember that it's part of the reason why we have financial stability. Not to mention the best healthcare there is. And for this, I can't thank my husband enough for choosing to go active.

A factory in my hometown of Dyersburg, TN shut down. Over 600 people are losing their jobs. I can't imagine going through that and having my husband come home and tell me that his last check was the last. My prayers are with everyone that worked there.

The whole stress of this deployment is causing havoc on my glucose levels. I'm never under 200 unless I starve myself. Not happening. The stress is also causing me to eat more than I normally would. I've taken up walking to help with the stress and lowing my numbers. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to talk to my doctor about trying Symlin to help curb my appetite. I am also invited to try out Zumba with 2 other wives who are stationed here. That will be nice to try. Right now, I'm going to help my friend Treva change her blog background. She's a sweetheart and I love her dearly. She's given me so much advice as I have her. I'm blessed to have a few close friends (Andrea, Rain, Treva, Joy, Drea) to be there when I need something. I also have a few new friends from Twitter and a message board of military wives who I can talk to. Even if it's just to vent.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have been so freaking busy that I haven't had the time to even think of writing a blog post or updating the D365 page on flicker.

Lets start with the moving. I'm officially jobless. It was somewhat bittersweet cause I know I had to quit in order to stay with my husband and our daughter. I visited Fort Lewis, WA for a little over a week. I LOVE it out there. Absolutely gorgeous. Well, when it's not raining. You can view Mount Rainer from every location on the base. We chose to find a place off base in Lakewood. I love our apartment. I't perfect for us and I love the furniture I picked out too. Of course, Jeremy didn't care what it looked like as long as he has a place to sleep and I have a place to cook LOL.

Now on to my diabetes stuffs. My levels have been extra wacky since I'm trying to plan a move and get everything set up. Soon as I touched down in Tennessee, I was planning on getting my bloodwork pulled for my A1C check. Since I've been on the pump for almost 3 months now, I wanted to see how much it helped me. Let me start by saying my A1C on Dec 1, 2009 was a 9.5. This one was a jaw dropping 7.1!!! I was uberly shocked as was my husband. We celebrated by having pizza for dinner. I've also been getting my medical records together for the move. I visited my family doctor that I've been seeing since 1999. My diagnosis date is November 16, 1999 and my fasting glucose level was 335 and my A1C was a whopping 15.1!!!! 15.1!!!!!!! Can't wait to get them officially in my hands so I can read more about this stuffs.

I'm going to have to leave my bebe McKenzie in Tennessee with her grandma. She'll be excited but i'm gonna miss her butt. My mom and her are going to fly out right before Jeremy deploys (ooops I left that out huh?).

About that deployment, the lovely hubs will be getting shipped off the Afghanistan in a few weeks. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this. I'm gonna be in a new city and won't know anybody. Only time will tell......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Planning ahead

DISCLAIMER: Excuse me if this blog post is all over the place. So much stuff in my mind and it's hard to separate it all.

Well I just recently got back from Fort Benning Georgia seeing my husband gradutate from re-classing into infantry. The ceremony was great. A few weeks before graduation, my husband got orders to Fort Lewis, WA. I fly out Saturday morning at 07:00 to go out there and set up housing and whatever else I need to do. This will be my second plane trip. I must say I'm excited yet nervous. This is my very first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move and I want to make sure I do everything like it's supposed to be done.

I had to go the endo on Monday. He had to up my basal rates during the day and at night. I was still a little bit higher than I wanted to be. I had to go back into the office today to get a letter for when I get to the airport so I don't have any issues when it comes to my pump and supplies. I also had to get a bottle of Apidra to hold me over til I can call and get the updated prescription filled. I should be able to do that Monday and have it shipped while I'm in WA.

Tomorrow I am going to get my nails all prettified and designed for Valentine's Day. The hotel has been book, flight booked, and the car has been rented. Now comes the lovely wait....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great news

I've been waiting to do this blog post for almost a week. I've been waiting on a phone call from my husband to tell me he's past his final PT test and that he has orders. Even with all his injuries during this, he's passed everything with flying colors. He has no idea how proud of him I am. I wish his mom was here to see him graduate again. But I understand God chose that it was her time to go Home. Thanks to her I donate every chance I can to cancer foundations. So on February ND, McKenzie and I will be making an 8 hour drive to Fort Benning to attend my husband's graduation. If you could only see my smile right now. I have been planning and plotting on making this trip great. Oh, I guess I better mention where we are PCS'ing to.......Fort Lewis, WA!

My OmniPod trainer FINALLY called me. Two whole weeks after I got the darn thing to set up a day for her to show me how to use it. Sad to say, I already know but I'm still gonna attend. Here's the bad news. The exact day that we scheduled on meeting, the weatherman predicts of an ice storm. Quarter inch of ice and five to ten inches of snow. Just freaking lovely. I have to call her and see what she wants to do now.

My bestie's husband is in Haiti helping with the search and recovery. I ask that you pray for him. Not just him though. Pray for all the troops who are there. I've made my donation for Haiti, have you??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So my last post mention that I got my OmniPod insulin pump. I received it on the 14th of January. Now here comes the kicker. I've been calling Insulet (OmniPod's parent company) to try and get in touch with a training coordinator, to no avail. I think I have called them every freaking day since I got the darn thing. Left multiple messages with no call backs. I must say I'm not a very happy diabetic right now.

So a fellow diabetic, friend, and Army wife Cherise, told me to call my endo's office to see if they will train me on the darn thing. I called and of course, they took my name and number. So now I'm waiting on a call back from them as well. They are usually pretty good with calling back within a 2 hour period even when they are busy. *crosses fingers*

Now on to Army stuffs :) I talked to my lovely husband Sunday. He's twisted his knee again. He calls if "football knee". I also know where we are going to PCS but I won't say until his final PT test is passed. If you are a reader of my blog, please send up a prayer for my husband. Thanks in advance :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Good news day!

I decided to post about the great, no make that excellent news I got today from Insulet, makers of the Omnipod insulin pump. TriCare and my endo have approved me to have a pump *does happy dance* I was shocked when I got the phone call and saw a number that wasn't stored in my phone. So I'm praying I have it by Friday, since it's being shipped through FedEx, who I love by the way. I am not fond of UPS even though the majority of our packages come through them. I saw this following poem on TuDiabetes and thought it was great. I just wish my husband was here to read it so he could understand my disease a little more than he already does. Gosh I miss that man.....

To love a diabetic is to be a doctor. It means helping her to remember her medications. It means driving her for an hour to the only 24 hour pharmacy when she’s gotten the flu and can’t take the Nyquil in the refrigerator. Or driving her to the hospital when the simple flu turns into bronchitis and her blood turns acidic.

To love a diabetic is to be patient. It means knowing that some days she won’t feel good for no visible reason. It means canceling long term plans when suddenly she doesn’t feel well enough to go on a trip. Or waiting to go to bed while she injects her bedtime insulin.

To love a diabetic is to be a priest. It means consoling her when she’s tired and feels like she can’t do it anymore. It means listening and not passing judgment while she tries to figure out her new dosages and makes mistakes. Or, during those tough times, listening to her burial wishes- just in case.

To love a diabetic is to be a guardian. It means standing up for her when strangers accuse her of being a drug addict. It means discreetly asking her friends to keep an eye on her when she’s testing new medications and doesn’t know the reactions to her body yet. Or staying up with her through the night because she’s too afraid to fall asleep where a coma can find her.

To love a diabetic is to not be superficial. It means seeing her bruises as beauty marks. It means caressing the scars across her stomach. Or kissing her dry lips when she is hooked to IVs.

To love a diabetic is to be understanding. It means knowing that she doesn’t mean to get hot tempered when her blood sugars are too high. It means listening to her when she asks to start a family soon. Or donating time and DNA to sciences you don’t fully understand just because she asks you to and because it promises to cure her.

To love a diabetic is to be smart. It means researching new medications even though she never asks you to. It means listening to her explain her new findings in terms that aren’t typical language. Or making her smile when she desperately wants to scream.

To love a diabetic is to be selfless. It means going to a restaurant based off the carbohydrates menu instead of the atmosphere. It means going without dinner when money is tight because you can buy her medication with it instead. Or testing your blood sugar on her new meter to make sure it’s working properly even though you’re terrified of needles.

To love a diabetic is to be brave. It means keeping your chin up while she talks about those scary moments. It means not allowing her medical mistakes to colour your relationship with her emotionally. Or keeping positive spirits even though all of the websites and gatherings tell you she won’t statistically make it past her 40s.

To love a diabetic is not easy. It means putting her medical needs before any other finances. It means worrying every moment that she is properly cared for even when you can’t see her. And it means trusting her life in the hands of so many doctors who don’t understand the full complexities of the disease.

Thank you for loving a diabetic.
by: Katherine Marple

Friday, January 8, 2010

1st post of 2010

Wow!! I can't believe I haven't posted in over 2 weeks. Well yes I can and I have good reason. My husband was home for Christmas Exodus *does happy dance* Nothing major happened during those 2 weeks. McKenzie's bday gathering, gambling in Tunica, and bring in the new year on Beale Street.

I went to see my endo earlier this week. He has ordered me to lose 20 pounds by this summer. He wants 10 of those pounds gone by my next visit in March. I can do it. I just have to buckle down and get in the groove of visiting the gym and eating right. I really would love to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I know I can get there too. He prescribed me some Actos, Metformin, Aprida, and Levemir. When I lose weight, I won't need as much of those. I've also had to choose a new glucose meter and I chose a
Contour. Although I've had to make more than a few phone calls to Tricare's Mail-Order Pharmacy, I must say they are very prompt and have good customer service. My endo's office had to give me another pen of Apidra until the MOP processed my order.

Now on to friends. I am meeting lots of new females thanks to Twitter. Alot of them are diabetics and a few are military wives. There is one friend, who shall stay nameless. I'm not sure how much of my feelings of this person that I want to put on here. Let's just say this, a friend shouldn't abandon their friend when their husband is around them. Plain and simple. I understand that your marriage comes first, as does mine. But I have never put a friend on the back burner of the stove unless I HAD to. HAD=EMERGENCY. End rant. LOL

I miss my husband something serious. 2009 was a VERY hard year for him and I. And we both vowed that 2010 would be lots better. I will admit that I haven't been the best wife that I could've been. I haven't been by his side 100% like I should have and I acknowledge that. It took a major obstacle in our lives for me to realize just how much my husband means to me. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want him to know that everyday. I can't imagine him not being in my life. Yes, he may be short and he may always look like he's mad, but I promise he's the happiest man in this world right now. Why? Because I support him and his decisions. Fully and completely.

I think that covers everything that's been going on here lately. I might even feel like writing another post tomorrow. Only time will tell.