Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It's been 5 years since I decided I wanted to become a nurse. Yet, 4 years later, I haven't made any progress towards that goal. I can't go back to school because we can't afford it. Between daycare and the tuition, we'd be under water before the sun went down for the day.


I was asked by my husband to watch one of his friend's kids so the guy's wife could go to training for her new job.

More resent.

I'm not sure I'm cut out for this SAHM/SAHW stuff. It's like I spend my day yelling and screaming at two kids. My husband said he understands but I honestly don't think he does. No matter how I try and explain it, it never comprehends to him like it does in my head.

*sighs deeply*

I pray things get better cause I'm sick of hating the decisions I've made.


  1. Bob Pedersen said...
    I wish you uck in finding a better situation, whether that's a different situation or more comfort with your current one. [And none of this is about The Jersey Shore. :)]
    Cherise said...
    I'm sorry things aren't going as planned. Even if you don't get a full time job maybe you could work part time. There has to be a medium for you:) sending hugs and prayers for a better piece of mind.
    Bernard Farrell said...
    My wife was looking after a good friend of my daughter after school one day a week. We charged her parents for the privilege, and it was handy extra income. It helped a lot that she and my daughter got on well. Best of luck in figuring out something that works.

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