Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back in the rut

It's been so long since I've blogged, it's ridiculous. But I said I would try to get back into blogging and getting things off my chest.

I'm stuck back in this rut and I have no idea how to get out of it completely. I'll go in it, come out for a week or two, and then somehow get back in it again. So weird and crazy. 

Tonight, McKenzie didn't take a nap until 17:00 after she had an early dinner. Now she's up and weird. My husband decides he's going to sleep at 20:00. Guess who gets to stay up with the munchkin? That's right. Little ole me. Unfortunately, I'm used to this happening. However, just because I'm used to it doesn't mean I wouldn't like a break.

For instance, today we ordered pizza for dinner. I went, alone mind you, to get it. I also went to the Dodge dealer and looked at the 2011 Dodge Durangos, which are super sexy. I digress. ANYWAYS, I get a text asking, "Where are you? McKenzie keeps asking for you." Really? She asks for her daddy every morning she wakes up and he's gone to work. Guess who deals with that? Yep, me. While my husband was watching the football game, I brought my MacBook to the couch and browsed for free eBooks. However, I couldn't have any silence without someone calling my name or mentioning something or another.

It's just frustrating. I barely can bathe in peace. Forget about taking an actual bath and getting to soak for 30 minutes or an hour. I don't get a day off. I don't get a sick day. I don't get vacation. Sometimes, actually, all the time, I wish I worked a regualr job so I could have a reason to relax on the couch, do limited to no housework, and still take care of a child.

Somedays I don't even want to think straight. Let alone run this house.

What I would give for 48 hours of complete and utter silence.