Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been sitting on this blog for way too long. Letting things brew and fester and go sour. My friend Rain wrote a post and it's basically forcing me to talk about what's been bothering me for so long.

Essentially speaking, I'm bored.

I have no job. I'm taking a coding class yet I haven't actively done anything in over a month. I have nothing to do everyday except cook and clean. I'd literally kill to be working right now. I'd kill quicker to be in school working on a degree I've wanted for the past 5 years. I so envy those moms who can work or go to school with a toddler. I'm so fucking jealous of that. It's pitiful when I'm looking forward to going to a damn doctor's appointment.

I have to wake up at the asscrack of dawn (usually 6am) just to get some quiet time alone to myself. Jeremy leaves at 0530-0545 and McKenzie sleeps til 0800. I hate that I can't enjoy sleeping til 0800 with her. I'm lucky if I can get a 10 minute shower to myself.

My diabetes is suffering like hell cause of this funk I'm in. That's the last thing that should be suffering but oh well *shrugs*

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This came in the mail today. I instantly started smiling.

For those who follow me on Twitter or are fairly close to me know how much this means to me. I've been waiting to see if I could possibly switch from OmniPod to the MiniMed Paradigm Revel since the MM's reservoir is 100u's bigger than the OmniPod's 200u Pod capacity. Fellow Army wife, diabetic,  and friend, Cherise, told me that TriWest would gladly approve it because they dislike the OmniPod system. She was right :) Now the suspenseful wait begins as the when I actually receive my new pump.