Sunday, March 21, 2010

Deployment looming..

I haven't blogged in a while cause J is gearing up for a deployment. That alone scares me. His job now is alot more dangerous than it was when he deployed in 2007. He likes to keep me informed but sometimes I think he's keeping me TOO informed, ya know? He has nightmares. He had them last time he left and when he was home on R&R. Last night I think he had one. I was holding him, next thing I know I was awaken by the feeling of my pod being ripped off my thigh. I don't ask about the dreams cause I know what they're about. The other morning I woke before him and told him I was going to watch TV in the living room. These were his words: "Don't leave. They will get me."

We have been arguing over petty stuff. I hate he's leaving but I have to remember that it's part of the reason why we have financial stability. Not to mention the best healthcare there is. And for this, I can't thank my husband enough for choosing to go active.

A factory in my hometown of Dyersburg, TN shut down. Over 600 people are losing their jobs. I can't imagine going through that and having my husband come home and tell me that his last check was the last. My prayers are with everyone that worked there.

The whole stress of this deployment is causing havoc on my glucose levels. I'm never under 200 unless I starve myself. Not happening. The stress is also causing me to eat more than I normally would. I've taken up walking to help with the stress and lowing my numbers. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to talk to my doctor about trying Symlin to help curb my appetite. I am also invited to try out Zumba with 2 other wives who are stationed here. That will be nice to try. Right now, I'm going to help my friend Treva change her blog background. She's a sweetheart and I love her dearly. She's given me so much advice as I have her. I'm blessed to have a few close friends (Andrea, Rain, Treva, Joy, Drea) to be there when I need something. I also have a few new friends from Twitter and a message board of military wives who I can talk to. Even if it's just to vent.


  1. Bob P said...
    May God be with you both, and thank you for your sacrifices.
    MZ.DREA said...
    I love you woman, and you know I'm here for you always.
    Cherise said...
    I'm praying for the both of you! If you need anything you know how to reach me.
    TheCraftyFaerie said...

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