Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today is officially one week since J left to go fight. I've talked to him on the phone once and we've been emailing and yahoo'ing as well. I got an email from him today letting me know he's alright. Tired but good. Pretty much telling me about what he's doing. He told me to treat myself so I did. Manicure and pedicure and a little shopping at Coach. The mani/pedi was so so. The lady nicked my cuticles too many times. I almost didn't tip her. I ended up tipping her, just not what I usually would for great service. I headed to Coach to get my mommy a purse and wallet for Mother's Day. Yes, I'm early. I ended up getting one for me too. I've had my eye on it for a while and since J said "Treat yourself", I got it. Oh did I mention that he said "lightly" at the end of that sentence? Oooops *chuckles*

I talked to McKenzie today. My mom also sent lots of pictures of her hunting for Easter eggs. On another note, I was invited to an Easter brunch. I chose not to go. The person who invited me told me something that made the decision for me. She said "She(the hostess) doesn't like certain kinds of Black people." Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? Why would I, a proud Black woman, want to go to a girl's (not woman) house when I know she's stupid enough to say such a comment??? I told her no way in hell was I going. Instead I spent the afternoon with a new friend, Tia and her children. I had alot of fun even though we stay in the house and watched TV. She's a cool woman and I'm gonna hate it when they PCS next year. She's not the type to wear her husband's rank. Thank goodness none of my friends do that *wipes forehead*

A lady at the Bath & Body Works Outlet said something to me that made me look at her like a chicken with no head. She asked for my ID and out of habit I gave her my military ID. She told "You're so lucky to be an Army wife. The government takes such good care of you all. Free housing is amazing." Ummm, I didn't realize that the housing was free. Yes, we get an amount for housing. But that doesn't make it free. Also, I didn't set out to become a military wife just to get some freaking money for housing. She obviously don't know much about this lifestyle we live. Uprooted every few years, payroll mistakes, deployments.  If I could have slapped her I would have. But it was Sunday and Easter to boot. That would have just been so wrong.

I have an appointment tomorrow at the Diabetes Clinic on base. I'm not sure what to expect from them but I pray it's something good.

I ask that you keep not only my husband, but all the troops in your prayers.



  1. Bob Pedersen said...
    People can be morons. I'm glad you have found some good ones, too.
    Cherise said...
    Rude! I am glad you decided not to go to the luncheon! I'm sorry about your not so good mani/pedi. It's cool you had the chance to spoil yourself and hook your mom up at the same time. You deserve it! Free housing!?! Where? Lol Not! Tell Kenzie hi! Can't wait for the both of you to be reunited. I'm praying for J and all the troops. *sigh* oh! I don't like rank flossers
    EmberRose said...
    ...I wore a skirt and no panties. And sat in the middle of a bunch of church folks and ate.

    You coulda slapped a bitch. You SHOULD have slapped a bitch. It's 2010, there's no excuse for ignorance.

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