Friday, April 16, 2010


DISCLAIMER: There's lots of bad words. I have a potty mouth right now.

This blog post will be all over the place. I just got home from an outing with another Army wife who is stationed here at Lewis. This lady, and I use the term losely, is a piece of fucking work.

To start off, she invited me to a brunch where the hostess doesn't like "certain types of blacks."

That's Strike One.

She also commented and judged me as a mother. Everybody knows my daughter is the love of my life. She's my Princess and I'll be damned if you try and say I'm a bad mommy.  She commented on my daughter still being in TN. I'm sorry but if my MOTHER wants to keep her GRANDDAUGHTER longer than originally planned, I'm not about to say anything. My mom has been there since day 1 and I'll be damned if I snatch her only grandchild away. Fuck you and the damn horse your wanna be sadity ass rode in on.

That's Strike Two.

And today, we went shopping. As usual, I love to shop for my house and for my daughter. And if I see something I like for either, I'm gonna get it. For instance, I found some great framed quotes for my dining room. I also got McKenzie some sandals and a round Dora chair. I don't need any person, other my the man who put the rock on my finger, to count the money I spend. I can control myself. My bills are paid so what the fuck is it to you if I buy what I want?? I'm sorry that our husbands got paid today and your ass is already broke. That's not my fucking problem. Last time I check, our bank accounts were sitting comfortably. Once again, fuck you and that damn horse your ass rode in on.

Strike Three.

A friend of mine told me today that I'm usually so pleasant when I tweet. My tweets today were off my usual character. I try not to let dumb bitches get to me, but this bitch involved my daughter and that's where I draw the line. Talk about me or my husband all day long. But when you involve her, I will blow the fuck up and don't give a damn about it. *breathes deeply*

On another note, usually if you invite someone over your house, you don't leave your sex toys in the guest bathroom. There's nothing better than looking down while washing my hands and being greeted by your blue vibrator.

And another note, there were Obama protestors outside the fair today. I'm all for freedom of speech. You don't have to like our POTUS. I like him and can't help that he has to fix Bush's fuck up. BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF YOUR ASS SHUSHES ME WHILE I'M USING MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH. My own husband doesn't shush me. Never has and I'll be damned if he does.  I can't help it that I'm an outspoken person. I'm also sorry for you. Sorry that your husband won't allow you to speak your mind. *shrugs* Thank God I'm not married to his trifling ass.

Okay time for happy stuffs *chuckles*

I got to talk to both of my babies today. My daughter asked me for a fish tank for her room. And my husband is doing fine. Thank you the prayers and good thoughts.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox for today.

P.S. I hate wives who wear their husband's rank. Even if my husband outranks yours, you will never know it. I'm humble enough to be thankful for the blessings I have instead of trying to showboat when you ain't got a pot to piss in.


  1. Felicia said...
    Alright now Dimples! Glad you got it outta your system! I agree with you completely:that chick sounds insecure and unhappy. . .definitely uncool! Live your life,let your mom chill with her granddaughter and you keep being the best wife and mom you can be. F*@! Ignorant bishes!
    Buttafli said...
    I agree wholeheartedly with Felicia. That person was doing the most and that is the last time you need to spend time with her, if she puts you in a bad place like that. Love you!
    EmberRose said...
    ...I didn't know about strikes two and three.

    Fuck that ho.

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