Monday, May 3, 2010

New military endo

Well lets start of with that today was a typical Monday.


I woke up at 07:32. My appointment to see my new endocrinologist for the first time was at 08:00. I had exactly 28 minutes to get dressed, drive to base, and check in at Madigan Army Medical Center(MAMC). Let's just say base traffic between 06:00 and 08:00 is ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous i tell you. I got there at 08:05. Thank God the receptionist is a sweetheart. She rushed the paperwork and vitals for me.

My new endocrinologist is very nice. He knows what he's talking about. I was warned about the military doctors but I was very impressed this time. The overall visit was great. My A1C went from a 9.5 (December) to a 7.1 (March, on pump too) to a fawking 10 (May). A FREAKING 10! I almost cried when I saw that number. Yes, I haven't been the best diabetic there is but damn. I'm trying my hardest. Even more so now.

He looked at my logs and wasn't happy. Hell, neither was I but I digress. He decided to change me from Apidra to Novolog and also gave me Symlin to help my after meal bg's and to help with the grazing I'm trying to cut back on. I also had lots of labwork done again. This time I gave up 5 vials of my pretty red blood. I'm used to it by now. If I'm not, then something is definitely wrong.

I made a FB status about diabetes. I said that I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone but that some people need to live with it for 72 hours before making snide comments about something they know jack shit about. That pisses me off so much. I've had my share of those comments. Diabetes is a hard thing to control. Just like that fucking diarrhea of the mouth that you have.

I went with a friend, Tia, to a deployed spouses dinner. It was very nice and alot of fun. I met a fellow wife who's husband is in the unit that my husband is assigned to. It was good to talk to other people who understood these constant deployments. My husband has had 2 in 4 years. Tia's husband has had 4 in 7 years. The odd thing is my husband has 2 (yes, TWO) combat MOS's on him, yet Tia's husband's MOS isn't even combat or frontline. Odd workings of the Army I tell ya. Just never know which way that deployment flag is gonna swing...

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  1. Cherise said...
    You are trying your best. Don't let it get you down. You know what has to be done. You are a strong woman, don't let non-pwd's get you upset; it's not worth it.

    I love apidra! is novolog better? I love your new background

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