Sunday, May 16, 2010

Deployments suck donkey balls

This blog post is one I've been debating for a while on doing. My best friend, Andrea, said I should since I have alot on my mind. I can't thank her enough for talking me through this whole ordeal. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

A week ago, I got a very scary email titled "Almost got me."

 It was from my husband.

The gist of it was the Stryker he was in hit and IED (improvised explosive device). He had a concussion and a few other injuries. I thank God that he wasn't injured any worse than he was. Two others in the vehicle were casualties.

This is his first deployment injury. I knew it would happen at some point. It's part of the job, KWIM? I'm not some naive wife who thinks certain things will NEVER happen to my husband. Things like this remind me exactly what my husband sacrifices for us. A blessing and a curse at the same time.


  1. Bob Pedersen said...
    I, too, am grateful he wasn't more badly injured.
    A Beautiful Mind said...
    Thank God he is alive and strong. I pray for both of you everyday. You are such a strong woman and I am really blessed to have such a great friend in my life. **HUGS** and lots of love!
    Cherise said...

    BIG HUGS! I am sitting at the edge of my seat! I am glad you blogged about it. I am praying for you and J. OMG! I would've been stir crazy. I am calling you tomorrow.

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