Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diabetic Frustrations

So my last post mention that I got my OmniPod insulin pump. I received it on the 14th of January. Now here comes the kicker. I've been calling Insulet (OmniPod's parent company) to try and get in touch with a training coordinator, to no avail. I think I have called them every freaking day since I got the darn thing. Left multiple messages with no call backs. I must say I'm not a very happy diabetic right now.

So a fellow diabetic, friend, and Army wife Cherise, told me to call my endo's office to see if they will train me on the darn thing. I called and of course, they took my name and number. So now I'm waiting on a call back from them as well. They are usually pretty good with calling back within a 2 hour period even when they are busy. *crosses fingers*

Now on to Army stuffs :) I talked to my lovely husband Sunday. He's twisted his knee again. He calls if "football knee". I also know where we are going to PCS but I won't say until his final PT test is passed. If you are a reader of my blog, please send up a prayer for my husband. Thanks in advance :)


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